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I am in favor of the death penalty. It is immoral for individuals who inflict eternal suffering on innocent lives to be given food, heat and shelter under the tax-payers' expenses.  

While opponents of the death penalty may argue it is more cruel to keep them in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives, there are risks to account for. There have been instances when murderers escape prison and proceed to take more innocent lives.  

Richard Matt and David Sweat, both convicted murderers, managed to escape a maximum-security prison in 2015. While they did not murder anybody when they escaped, the chance they would murder someone was existent.

Many who oppose the death penalty cite the costliness of it compared to life in prison without parole. A Duke University study from 1993 found the cost of executing someone in North Carolina is 2.16 million dollars more than putting that same person to prison for life. It is important, however, to investigate what makes it costly and cut corners when necessary. Mass shooters and other murderers of similar degrees who are convicted should not be allowed to appeal their death sentence when there is concrete evidence they committed these atrocities. Omitting the appeals process will cut on costs and time.

One of the main duties of the United States government is to protect the innocent and to serve justice to those who do wrong. Sentencing someone to death who took others’ lives is only just, no matter the costs. The death penalty is an appropriate punishment because it gives the victims of these crimes a form of closure, knowing the perpetrator is no longer capable of harming them or anybody else.

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