Dear Spooky Hawks,

Halloween is probably my favorite time of year. Actually, I think it’s the best holiday. I only say this because you guys leave for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I get left behind with the extremely cold wind and the birds that haven’t traveled south yet. No pie, no turkey, no Christmas cookies. 

But despite those depressing holidays, Halloween is such a fun time here! There are decorations everywhere and the whole campus exudes big witch energy. The costumes are by far the best part though. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many different outfits. The group costumes are pretty great — M&M’s, Mario Kart characters, Snapchat filters, ghostbusters. Then there are the generic singular costumes, like cats, witches, football players and doctors. You name it and I’ve seen it more times that I would ever care to count. 

In the end, participation is all that matters. Every once in a while, even I decide to put a little something together to be a part of the fun. I love dressing up. But I wish you guys still trick-or-treated, because some candy would be GREAT right now. You may not believe it, but there have been times in my life as a statue when I was given a piece of chocolate or two. Just keep that in mind when Halloween comes around.

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