Dear Hawks,

Recently, there hasn’t been much for me to talk about. No unusual sights around campus, since it’s closed. No advice, since the only advice you should be listening to right now is from scientists and the CDC. However, I can offer you all, my beloved students, something else. That is hope and encouragement.

I have been planted here long enough to know that the students who walk the paths of this university are strong and resilient. Nothing stops you from achieving your goals. You will stay up all hours of the night in the library, in GHH, in studio, to accomplish what needs to be done. You accept your losses and move on, because you know that is all you can do.

Well I need you to do that now. Wherever you are —overseas, 10 minutes away, across the country— you must be resilient. I know it must be hard with online classes now. I really do not envy you that, since I have never had to and never want to deal with the cursed technology, the silly contraptions and the complicated, blasted, ridiculous parts that go along with it. (Sorry to offend your most prized possessions. I know you all are relying on them even more now. I’m just thankful I don’t have to). But despite how hard life has suddenly become, despite how everything seems to be falling apart around you, you are not. You are standing strong like the proud RWU student you are. Standing strong just like.... hmm, just like a bronze statue perhaps.

These are trying times for everyone, and it is worse for some people than others. In my life as a statue, I have never experienced anything like this. But I am confident in our strength as a community, and my light at the end of the tunnel is seeing your faces again soon.

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