Our Mini CVS 
The new CVS machine in Lower Commons provides students easy access to non-prescription items such as Plan B, Ibuprofen and Sleep Aid. Quick snacks are also provided such as Riverside chocolate covered blueberries, trail mix and peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets. 
The portable pharmacy was brought to Purchasing Director Kathryn Kanterman's attention when the Public Safety Department was frequently requested items they do not have or cannot provide to students. 
This machine is not permanent, though. It is going through a six-month trial period because of the significant investment it takes to keep it. 
"We are off to a good start considering that students were not even on campus for the first several weeks," Kanterman said. "It's going to be the in-sessions that ultimately will determine if the machine is a success." 
No More Mailboxes
As stated in emails from both Res Life and the Mail Center Manager Jerry Caracciolo, students will no longer be receiving paper mail from the boxes in Lower Commons.  

Due to the few amounts of letter mail students receive, the Mail Center staff came to the conclusion that going to one place for all mail would make the most sense. Yet, various students have already commented on receiving someone else's mail. 
"Everyone who retrieves packages and mail in the Mail Center has to be careful to always check first names," Kanterman said. "I filled in at the Mail Center myself last week and saw how easy it is to make this mistake, especially when a line is forming and you are trying to keep wait times short." 

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