Holiday shopping
The Providence Place Mall is buzzing with activity as the holidays approach.

 The end of the semester is almost here. With the long winter break ahead comes the start of holiday shopping season. Getting gifts for friends and family can seem like a daunting task, especially for those who have a strict budget.

Although Black Friday has passed, students should keep their eyes open for deals occurring throughout the next month, so they do not end up paying full price for that perfect gift for their parents.

Unique gifts can be great for someone who deserves something a little more sentimental than generic presents. Websites like Etsy and Uncommon Goods can be a great stop for holiday gifts that are meaningful and special. These types of hand-crafted gifts can help express feelings toward the recipients when words cannot do the job.

Going out to shop in stores can be a nightmare during the holiday season. Finding a time to go to these stores can also be a difficult task if the shopper does not have easy access to transportation or time to go out.

 One solution to these shopping struggles is shopping online for gifts. Online stores usually have coupon codes to help save money. Browser extensions like Honey can also help students find all kinds of coupons.
Other extensions like Rakuten Rewards give shoppers cash back for shopping on their favorite sites. It may not seem like much money back, but it adds up and can help replace a little bit of the money spent this holiday season.
So, don't stress this winter! Put away your car keys and find the best deals online when shopping for your loved ones on a college budget this year.  

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