Kayla Ebner | The Hawks' Herald

Two students involved in an arrest at a house party had their charges dropped on Thurs., May 2.

RWU students Edward Lebens (age 22) and Jonathan Morris (age 21), were both arrested and charged with simple assault or battery, obstructing an officer in execution of duty, and resisting legal or illegal arrest on Sat., Feb. 23. The charges have since been dropped.

According to Portsmouth Police, the charges were dismissed in lieu of community service and a contribution to the Victims Indemnity Fund (VCIF).

According to Lebens, him and Morris signed a release to “prevent any lawsuit action against the police,” as part of the charges being dismissed.

“This definitely changed my perspective on police,” said Lebens. “You’re not always going to get a nice cop, that’s for sure. Overall it was an eye-opening experience in terms of how police officers can flex their power.”

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